Foshan helped 801,000 people in Liangshan out of poverty

Foshan China 2020-05-27

This year, China’s government work report sets out clear requirements to win the fight against poverty, which is a tough task for building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. In 2020, a special fund of 378 million yuan has been allocated for the construction of 48 safe housing and supporting facilities in Liangshan. At present, all the projects have been started.


Solve housing problem for nearly 30,000 households


Since August 2016, Foshan has been providing support to help Liangshan overcome poverty. By giving assistance in talent support, industrial cooperation, labor cooperation and poverty-relief relocation, it has effectively promoted poverty reduction in Liangshan. A total of 1,772 poverty-stricken villages and 801,000 people in Liangshan are lifted out of poverty; four out of eleven state-recognized poverty-stricken counties, Leibo, Ganluo, Yanyuan and Muli, got rid of poverty.


Meanwhile, Foshan has implemented a number of key projects to improve people's livelihood. In particular, Foshan has made "Good Housing" a top priority, and built more than 6,600 units of safe housing that were provided to 27,680 people. In addition, Foshan also actively organized teachers, doctors and agricultural technicians to provide assistance in education, medical treatment and agriculture in Liangshan.


Allocate over 100 million yuan to labor cooperation


So far, there are still seven poverty-stricken counties, 300 poverty-stricken villages and 178,000 poverty-stricken people in Liangshan. Next, Foshan will focus on solving problems including “no worries in two aspects and have guarantee in three aspects” and help Liangshan win the battle against poverty.


Note: “No worries in two aspects and have guarantee in three aspects” means that poverty-stricken people have sufficient food and clothing and their needs in education, basic medical treatment and safe housing are guaranteed.


This year, a special fund of 378 million yuan has been allocated for the construction of 48 safe housing and supporting facilities in Liangshan, focusing on safe housing construction, housing renovation, and the centralized improvement of areas with prominent poverty phenomena. At present, all the projects have been started. The relocation construction of supporting facilities, housing and safe drinking water projects will be completed by the end of June.


In order to offset the negative impact brought by the epidemic on the income growth of poor households, more than 100 million yuan of funds were arranged to support labor cooperation between Foshan and Liangshan. Next, the two places will further improve the policy mechanism of labor cooperation, and provide pre-job training and targeted employment services for the poor.


In addition, Foshan will further increase its support to the industrial development of Liangshan by strengthening investment attraction and infrastructure construction with 176 million yuan of industrial funds, and attract more Guangdong enterprises, especially Foshan enterprises, to invest in Liangshan. At the same time, Foshan will promote the certification of poverty-alleviation products, and establish a long-term mechanism for Liangshan products to be sold in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.


This year, Foshan will continue to work hard on the pairing assistance among towns, hospitals and schools, focus on increasing pairs in enterprises helping Liangshan villages so as to achieve the full coverage of assisting 300 poor villages.


(Dim Sum Media Studio | Jessica)