Ancient Nanfeng Kiln: a refreshing journey through history

Foshan China 2021-03-19


This Spring, with cozy weather and fascinating flower blossom, Ancient Nanfeng Kiln became one of the best choices for an outing. As an antique pottery town, Ancient Nanfeng Kiln has a lot to offer in this beautiful season. Now let’s take a look. 



Hundred-year-old allies covered with lovely flowers 


As flowers bloom soundlessly, the allies look more romantic and refreshing than ever. You can smell fragrance up in the air. 

Such beautiful scenes tug at someone's heartstrings, so you might want to spend more time wondering down the allies.  


You might also notice some art shops on both sides of the allies - pottery workshops, shops for Lingnan intangible cultural heritage, and various kinds of creative decorations, just to name a few. 


Ancient Buildings from the Ming and Qing Dynasties


Take a walk further into the park, you will find yourselves surrounded by ancient buildings from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, as if you were travelling through time and space. In front of the buildings there lies a blessing tree, wrapped up with numerous red ribbons. Hang up your ribbon and may all your wishes come true. 



500-year-old Dragon Kiln

Inside the Ancient Nanfeng Kiln, there is a time-honored Dragon Kiln built in the Zhengde period of the Ming Dynasty (1506-1521 AD) and has continued to serve till this date. This is such a world miracle. It has ingrained into Foshan people’s lives for 515 years. 


Walk up to the kiln, you can not only see structure in the cave itself, but also learn about a classic firing process. This is surely the best place for you to know about local pottery cultural in Shiwan Town. If you are lucky, you might run into the firing process in the kiln, which runs only twice a month!


Various pottery-related products on display 

Inside the park there is also a pottery-themed gallery - ancient car modeling, traditional Chinese calligraphy, dressed-up clowns – by which you will feel different facets of Foshan pottery culture. 


After a long visit, you might walk to the nearby park to spend some leisure time. Here we have tea house, coffee shop and a lot more.


On top of pottery masters, the park is also home to numerous creative designers. Walk into their studios and get lost in a world of art. We believe you will have a different spring trip.


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Ancient Nanfeng Kiln: a refreshing journey through history
2021-03-19 Source: Foshan China