Two girls crowned as Foshan Lion Dancing "ambassadors"

Foshan China 2021-03-19



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"In Foshan, almost every village (community) has its own “Lion Dancing” team. Whenever there’s an important occasion, local people will definitely do some “Lion Dancing” performances. “Lion dancing” is not only a sport, a performance, but also a time-honored tradition in Foshan people’s DNA. It never looks outdated, but instead, more meaningful as time passes by.


Foshan is arguably the birthplace of “Lion Dancing”. Here you will be fascinated by legendary folk cultures inspired by “Lion Dancing”.


2 girls born in post-90s: went viral online with stunning “Lion Dancing” pose


Right before the Chinese New Year of 2021, two Foshan girls received massive Internet attention on Douyin, the Chinese version of Tiktok. Their videos of striking cool "Lion Dancing" poses in city landmarks of China boosted everyone’s interest in "Lion Dancing" culture, with more than 11.4 million followers and 560,00 likes.


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The two girls, named Liang Jiali and Huang Baoyi, are two of the many members in Sanzhou Lion Dancing Team, a VIP member of Shunde Lion Dancing Sports Association. Like any other teammate, they have spent years and years practicing weight-bearing, running on wood piles in varied heights. With a goal of becoming professional lion dancers, they had to be tough and strong - no bruises and scars can stand in their way.

“We don’t care if we get famous. But we know we will never forget why we started. We’ll keep doing it and brings “Lion Dancing” to more audiences.” the two girls said in laughter.
It is obvious that “Lion Dancing”, this old-fashioned art, is becoming more charming in a modern way as more young people joined.”


Local authorities credited the two girls with “Ambassadors for Lion Dancing Culture”



Photo by "宜居伦教"


Shunde Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports (hereinafter referred to as “the Bureau”) has been committed to carrying forward local traditional cultures like dragon boat race, lion dancing and martial arts.


On March 18th, the Bureau, teaming up with Lunjiao Promotion Office of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Shunde Lion Dancing Sports Association and Sanzhou Lion Dancing Team, held a signing ceremony of Shunde Promotion Center for Lion Dancing. The two girls were credited with “Ambassadors for Lion Dancing Culture”.


Sanzhou Lion Dancing Team takes up the mission to promote “Lion Dancing”



Photo by "宜居伦教"


In addition, Sanzhou Lion Dancing Team was signed as the promotion center."Based on the promotion center, and the Internet attention we’ve received so far, we look to present more Foshan’s sports, culture, tourism and delicacies to the general public. This is a new path for us to promote 'Lion Dancing'. ” said Chen Zhicong, Deputy Director of the Bureau. They are planning to bring “Lion Dancing” performances to local schools, starting from Lunjiao, in a way that glorifies the culture.




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Two girls crowned as Foshan Lion Dancing "ambassadors"
2021-03-19 Source: Foshan China