A 10 billion-worth headquarter planned by Haitian Group in Foshan

Foshan China 2021-03-19


On the sunny morning of March 18, Longjiang Town in Shunde, Foshan witnessed two history-making events held together on a ceremony – the kick-start of Haitian High-end Intelligent Equipment Industrial Base and the signing of Guangdong-Foshan (Shunde) Cooperation Project on Building a High-end Intelligent Equipment Industrial Base. This is Shunde’s first ten billion-worth project landed in 2021.


Haitian Group boasts a complete business portfolio. As long as the headquarter settles in Shunde, Haitian Group will relocate its midstream industries to local areas, including Haitian Plastic Machinery, Haitian Precision (CNC machine tool), Haitian Drive (industrial automation), in an attempt to empower its up- and downstream industries.
Seeing it as an exciting opportunity, Guangdong Department of Industry and Information Technology, the People’s Government of Foshan (and Shunde) sets their sight on building a high-end equipment industry base in Shunde, to set a role model for upgrading industrial clusters in villages or township, and spearhead a campaign to build more industrial clusters for high-end equipment.



As a global leader in injection machine industry, Haitian Group, with presence in sectors like CNC machine tools, servo drives, and die-casting machines, has created respectively a total asset and annual sales of over 15 billion yuan.

“Shunde lies at the heart of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA). It is home to favorable geographical features and a solid manufacturing foundation. We are working on digital transformation. In the future, we will have ‘double centers’. One in Ningbo. Another in Shunde.” said Zhang Jianming, President of Haitian Group.


According to Guo Wenhai, deputy secretary of CPC Foshan Municipal Committee , Haitian’s entry in Shunde is a major progress made by the local government, since it has upgraded its village-level industrial clusters to attract investors from all over the world. Home to two highly competitive enterprises in injection machine industry, alongside with Haitian, Shunde is expected to develop into the world’s largest R&D and production center for injection molding machine. “We hope to see Haitian become a ‘Lighthouse Factory’ here. We will surely provide top government services. We are also proud to be fully supported by the provincial government.” he said.



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A 10 billion-worth headquarter planned by Haitian Group in Foshan
2021-03-19 Source: Foshan China