The third Foshan Martial Arts Contest to promote the “City of Kung Fu”

Foshan China 2020-11-20

On November 18, the press conference of the third Foshan Martial Arts Contest themed with “Foshan Kung Fu, World Martial Arts” was held in Foshan Library, which revealed that the third Foshan Martial Arts Contest would be held from November to December this year. 
A total of 14 activities will be held during the Martial Arts Contest, including the opening and closing ceremonies, 5 major themed activities and 7 major Kung Fu competitions. In addition, the activity will strive to organize Bruce Lee Kung-Fu themed activities, hold various martial arts cultural activities related to Bruce Lee, and build Bruce Lee’s ancestral home into a world-class new hot spot and gathering place of martial arts culture by closely linking to the 80th anniversary of Bruce Lee’s birth.
It is reported that about 7,000 people from the Pearl River Delta area will participate in the Martial Arts Contest, performing about 30 kinds of martial arts totally. The youngest contestant is only 4 years old, and the oldest is 70 years old, which reflects that Foshan martial arts has been inherited and developed through successive generations, fully presenting Foshan’s rich martial arts cultural resources and open humanistic atmosphere.
Foshan is the sole City of Martial Arts in China and the main birthplace of China’s southern martial arts. Popular southern martial arts such as Hung Gar and Wing Chun are rooted in Foshan, with well-known martial arts celebrities coming forth since ancient times, including Huang Feihong, Liang Zan, Ip Man, Bruce Lee, etc.
In May 2020, Foshan Municipal People’s Government Office formally issued the Implementation Plan of Foshan on Accelerating the Construction of the “City of Kung Fu”, which proposed the main tasks of building Foshan into a city of Kung Fu with a total of 20 key construction projects. It aims to build Foshan Kung Fu into an internationally famous and influential city namecard, and build Foshan into the “City of Kung Fu” with international influence and leadership. 
Next, Foshan will focus on the national intangible cultural heritage declaration of Foshan Wing Chun, promote Foshan Wing Chun to become popular outside Foshan and go global, and give full play to Foshan’s profound lion dance cultural resources and world-famous lion dance skill to create world-class lion dance brand competitions.
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The third Foshan Martial Arts Contest to promote the “City of Kung Fu”
2020-11-20 Source: Foshan China