Foshan rated as the Happiest City in China 2020

Foshan China 2020-11-19

On November 18, the Happy Cities of China Forum 2020 was held in Hangzhou, in which Foshan was rated as one of “the Happiest Cities in China 2020 (Prefecture-level City)”, and Nanhai District was rated as one of “the Happiest Cities (Districts) in China 2020” and “the Happiest Cities (Districts) for Entrepreneurs 2020”.
Photo/ Liu Shihui
Prosperous development
Foshan economy is driven by innovation, while Foshan manufacturing enjoys a great reputation globally.
Photo/FAW Volkswagen
Foshan has become a first-tier city with a GDP exceeding 1 trillion yuan.
Integration of modernity and traditions
Inspirations have been inherited for hundreds of years in Foshan with generations of talents coming forth since ancient times, including Huang Feihong, Ip Man, Kang Youwei and Zhan Tianyou. 
Photo/Liu Shihui
Modern buildings coexist with natural ecology, traditional culture and modern civilization integrate harmoniously.
Photo/Liang Bin
Warm-hearted and friendly people
A sense of belonging is emerging through the cordial greetings of the friendly neighborhood.
Photo/Zhang Site
Photo/Ding Jinxuan
High-quality education
The education facilities in Foshan have been upgrading continuously to provide children with the highest-quality education resources.
Photo/Zhang Jianying
Photo/Zhang Jianying
Great satisfaction of food safety and gourmet
High-quality ingredients and delicious delicacies represent Foshan people’s attitudes toward life.
Photo/Zhang Xiuli
Food safety also represents Foshan people’s pursuit of quality.
Photo/ Mai Weixiong
Complete welfare
Family doctors visit from house to house; elderly canteens scatter across the community and medical care benefits all people.
Photo/Li Yiyun
Photo/Ma Yongsheng
Harmonious civilization
Civilized models disseminate positive energy to the city civilization.
Photo/Li Liwen
Foshan is a city of kindness and warm-heartedness.
Photo/Liang Ping
Green forest city
The streets and alleys in Foshan, a national forest city, are full of green trees. Flowers bloom all the year round, creating a green ecological scenery.
Photo/Liu Shihui
Photo/Li Huajian
Hometown affection
Numerous mulberry-fish-ponds scatter around Foshan, which fully presents rural revitalization through a harmonious scenery.
Photo/Liang Wanqiong
Photo/Liang Ping
Convenient transportation
The three-dimensional transportation has integrated into the one-hour life circle of the Greater Bay Area through the Guangfo Metro connecting the dual-city life, the road network, densely covered rail traffic and high-speed railways.
Photo/Foshan Daily
Photo/Ma Chenyi
Splendid night scenery
Nighttime economy is becoming a new namecard of Foshan. When night falls, people gather in internet-famous spots such as gourmet streets, commercial circles, parks and theaters to enjoy a wonderful night life.
Photo/He Huiran
Photo/Lingnan Tiandi
Infinite vitality
The new engine of city development has been activated with the open talent policies and agglomerated innovative industries. People work hard here to fight for their dreams and a better future.
Photo/Cui Lingwen
Photo/Kai Ji
Foshan is a city with everlasting happiness.
Photo/Lu Yanyu
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Foshan rated as the Happiest City in China 2020
2020-11-19 Source: Foshan China