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Foshan China 2020-11-02

“It's amazing! The food cooked by robots tastes good!” In FOODOM Robotics Restaurant, the world’s first robot restaurant complex in Shunde, Foshan, media guests from all over the country marveled at the high technology of the robot restaurant after tasting the ice creams, french fries, drinks and other delicacies cooked by robot chefs.
On October 27th, the 17th (2020) China Cities News Media Alliance Joint Conference was held in Foshan. Nearly a hundred chief editors, media backbones, and media integration experts across the country gathered to discuss the innovation and transformation of the network news media.
会上,中国城市新闻网媒联盟赋能海马智造启动仪式举行,“中国智造 海马功夫——2020全国城市网络媒体看海马”活动同步启动。
At the meeting, the launching ceremony of China Cities News Media Alliance Empowers Foshan Intelligent Manufacturing and the “China Intelligent Manufacturing, Foshan Kungfu---2020 China Cities News Media Visiting Foshan” event were held.
China Cities News Media Alliance Empowers Foshan Intelligent Manufacturing
Foshan, an important manufacturing city in China, has advanced equipment, furniture, home appliances, ceramics and other industrial clusters among the top of the industries. In 2019, Foshan’s GDP exceeded 1 trillion yuan. In May this year, Foshan has become a new first-tier city in the 2020 Ranking of Cities’ Business Attractiveness.
Since this year, Foshan manufacturing industry has closely followed the development trend to actively promote the new online business model through live broadcast. The “Cities News Media Alliance Empowers Foshan Intelligent Manufacturing” will attract and gather more city network sources for Foshan and strengthen the new momentum of digital economy.
2020 China Cities News Media in Foshan
During the event, chief editors of Cities News Media witnessed the high-quality development “Kungfu” of Foshan intelligent manufacturing by visiting the beautiful villages, intelligent manufacturing factories, leading enterprises, and cultural tourism landmarks in Foshan.
At the foot of Xiqiao Mountain and along the bank of Tingyin Lake, they experienced the cultural charm of Lingnan culture and tourism towns in an all-round way through the immersive experience of watching Kungfu shows and visiting cultural halls.
In Baini, Sanshui, they experienced the “ancestral hall + culture” featured combination of traditional Lingnan ancestral hall culture and modern spiritual civilization in Baini Town by visiting the ancient villages and learning local culture, and experienced the rural revitalization charm of the high-quality development in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area from the aspects of history, culture, industry, etc.
As night fell, the dazzling Qiandenghu Lake was combined with history, culture and modern art lighting shows to present Foshan culture and city images through the fascinating lights.
In Shunde, the city of gastronomy, they enjoyed the time-honored Shunde cuisine, appreciating the unique Lingnan charm. In Shunde Overseas China Town (OCT), they experienced the traditional Lingnan architectural features and waterside village culture.
When visiting the Galanz Industrial 4.0 Factory, headquarters of Country Garden and robot restaurant, they watched robots to cook dishes, experiencing the charm of  technological layout in the future.
In Jiujiang, Nanhai, they visited mulberry-fish-ponds, appreciated the pastoral scenery of numerous wide fish ponds and waterside villages, which showed the natural beauty of “the Hometown of Freshwater Fry”.
At the internet-famous Lingnan Tiandi, they visited the historical buildings with modern fashion elements, and experienced the unique Lingnan fascination while tracing Foshan cultural relics and historical sites.
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魅力海马,赞!Foshan, a glamorous city | Amazing Foshan
2020-11-02 Source: Foshan China